Saturday, 10 June 2017

How to track the analysis of URL's or from Google's URL shortner?

At daily, we are probably making use of various URL shorteners.In this, one leading is google's URL shortener.You can easily simplify or shorten your links with Google URL shortener.
After creating a link, you can easily track analytics and visualize your audience.Meanwhile, analytics are public and can be accessed by anyone.So what if you want to find anyone's links analytics?

Google's URL shortener homepage.
I have mentioned 3 methods for finding analytics, the easy way is the method I.
  •  You have a URL,  let's consider Now all you have to do is just add .info at the back of the short URL.After adding  .info, the URL will become like this, Paste it into your browser's URL bar and hit enter.You'll be redirected to an analytics page within a second.
  • Next way is to add /info in between the URL.Add /info after the in the URL.If the URL is '', will change to ''.Same thing, as before, you'll redirect to the analytics page.

  • This can be a complex one.This is what is happen in the base when you use the above methods.The main redirection URL is , where you'll see the id of the link in between.You can use below syntax for doing this, Just copy id of your particular URL and replace with <id> in the below syntax.<id>/all_time

As you get the URL of viewing the analytics, what if it got lost?
Creating a short URL in Google.

Don't worry, use above methods to get it back and bookmark my blog if you haven't.