Monday, 16 October 2017

Online graphics design made easy by Snappa

Welcome, after a long time we meet!Today I am going to introduce another web application for designing extreme photo graphics - and that is Snappa.

Snappa is a very easy to use, powerful online image graphics designing tool that you must know about it if you are a blogger, Youtuber or photographer.

I had talked about the Canva much before.This is alternative to it and I find it better because of its some features that you came to know as you compare these both.

  • Snappa is a time saver.
Within a few clicks, you can make an excellent thumbnail for your blog post.Dimensions of different social media are available as clickable presets.
Different presets in Snappa
  • 1000+ Ready made themes
Graphics making Snappa
Choose any one theme or start from scratch.
  • Edit it!
Now you're free to edit it.Snappa guides their new users so I'm not going to talk about each and every here.I'm now editing the below picture or template in Snappa and will add a thumbnail of this have already seen it. 
  • Pricing
If you are a professional editor or a blogger, then you can always go through the paid version of Snappa.In which you can get advantages of -

  • 40,000+ HD photos & graphics
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited social accounts
  • Saved designs & folders
  • Custom font uploads
  • Buffer integration

So..Use it and mention your favorite features down in comments.