Monday, 24 September 2018

Make pure CSS animation from PNG sequence like GIF

Make pure CSS animation from PNG sequence like GIF
Howdy! Today we are going to make an animation in pure CSS without JavaScript.This will be an sequence of a images that run one after another so that it looks like a animation.We will merge many images into one and will make a vertical(or even horizontal) sequence.We will then crop of the single image and run the sequence so fast that it will look like a GIF image or animation.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Decrypt the encrypted JavaScript in Blogger Theme

Many people use Blogger - particularly Blogger themes which have encrypted JavaScript inside- asks how to remove that. So, read this complete post to know how to remove/unpack the JavaScript in those themes.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The Truth About Meta Keywords

We always look into the matter of keywords or so called labels(tags) in blogspot that we should choose the right keyword or long tail keywords to rank higher.
Meta Keywords

I've seen many people waste a lot time on those keywords.Today, in this post I will tell you about the significance of meta keywords.

Look at the below result for the query css magz.
title tag and meta description tag.
title tag and meta description tag.
In the above picture, you can see the things highlighted.
These are title tag and meta description.They are far more important.Try to include the keyword that user tends to search more.

Now lets see what Google Webmasters say about the meta Keywords?

So that means meta keywords are of no use.Don't waste time on that. Instead you can utilise more time in writing better articles so that they can help the people.

In Blogger, these are called labels and are present at top left in the menu while writing the post.You can use these to group or categorise articles.For ex.

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Friday, 7 September 2018

Which Are The New Tags in HTML5 ?

Yes! Welcome! After many days, I sat to write this post, In which I am going to tell you about the new tags in HTML 5. Although it is much more time gone releasing HTML 5, I still decided to write about it.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

How to get Google Adsense Approval Fast

When it comes to monetizing, everyone wants to monetize their blog. There are many platforms available that can serve ads on your website. But many people choose to monetize their blog with Adsense, maybe because it is a Google product.
Get Google Adsense approval fast
Here, in this post, I'll tell you the 5 secret points that will help you to get Google Adsense approval faster.


You must have heard that 'content is king'. So true! If you have lots of useful content, lots of posts then it can give you approval faster rather than having no content.

Now you will be thinking how much content is a lot of content? Well, there is no such measurement, but I can tell you a minimum of 10,000 words combining all the articles(posts) on your blog. That means, If you write 10 posts - each 1000-1500 words long, you can easily accomplish this task. But remainder the text you are writing should be engaging and should be useful to your readers. It is also interesting to note that most of the applications are rejected for lack of text.

Google not only wants a lot of text but also a few images in your posts - so don't forget to include the images in your blog posts. Read your guide to make unique images so that you can gain a lot of traffic from google images too!

Google will not approve your blog it has no content or you just post only images or embed videos from Youtube. You must have some text on your blog.

Also, your blog should be minimum 6 months old. This rule is applicable to some subcontinents such as India and China.

You should not use plagiarised content on your web page or posts. Also, use your own images. Images should be compressed so that your site loads faster and you don't lose any visitor.

2. Spelling, Grammar, and mistakes

Just now I said - "You should have a lot of content". But here I would like to mention that there should be no error in it. Not a single spelling or grammar mistake! It will help a lot in SEO and also to join the partnership program of Google.

Apart from this, Italic, bold and underline the text whenever and wherever required. Make shorter paragraphs. Divide your main topic into subtopic - for smoothen reading experience for your blog reading.

You can use Grammarly to avoid some common Grammer problems.

3. Make Sure You Have Only One Account

Many a time you have more than one Gmail accounts connected to each other. If you already tried to signup from the first account some months back(approved or disapproved) you cannot make Adsense
in another account.

If this is the case Google Ad sense will mail you something like below
mail from Google Adsense.

Until you take the action it will be the delay in the whole process. So keep this in mind and avoid doing such silly mistakes.

According to Google Adsense Team "You can have only main one account  for all your other Adsense account holding different platform such as youtube blogger or/and any other websites." 

4. Google Adsense Policy

At least once the Google Adsense official policy before signing up for Adsense so that you remain on the safer side from being disapproved.

Some of the points in the Policy to be highlighted are:-

  1. Content should be very original and not-plagiarised.
  2. Do not add the content that violates the Google policy and promotes hate, bad speech related to terrorism or child abuse.
  3. Don't display more Ads than the content. If you have a lot of content, you can increase the number of Ads. Furthermore, note that there is sufficient text between two ads.
  4. Do not trick readers to click on the ads OR ask them to click on the ads.
Read here the Google Adsense Policy.

5. Make All Easy To Get Started With

Before signing up for Adsense, make sure all the elements texts and titles visible properly. The fonts should not be too small or too big to read. Your site should be comfortable to use on mobile, tablets and desktop also.

Make About us, terms and conditions, disclaimer and privacy policy pages If not, I would say - About us and privacy policy pages are just as they will help your visitors to contact you or understand your site's policy.

You can also notify the user about the cookies used by your blog/website.

Different plugins like cookie script are available for the purpose.

In case of a web app, you can make the navigations or notification that will help the new users to get started with your web app.

In Short... The Conclusion

In short, the Google wants to show their users their solution for a particular keyword on the first link of the first page.

If you prepared for the specific keyword or query of your niche, you can rank well.

But it is also interesting to note that, the articles with more than 2000+ words usually rank on the first page of Google (or other search engines also) 

Make more enlightening content that will be liked by your traffic.

Be clear about what you are saying and make your site different from others so that they can experience an extraordinary special connection with you.

Let them connect with your blog, no matter which platform you are using. Thanks for reading if you want to read more like this, head to the blogging section above.

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