Saturday, 29 July 2017

Increase your blog traffic through social media

For a newbie blogger, it is nostalgic when his blog has no views or get very low traffic.To increase the traffic we'll come to see many things either paid or free available in the internet world.In this post, we are talking about the social media.Social medias are great and useful for the new as well as for the old bloggers.

Social media can be seen as a free platform for promoting your blog articles and to get them more views.You can derive the attention of the people interested in your post through the social media.

Increase your traffic through social media.

So let's take a look at the 5 social media platform to increase blogs traffic.

Facebook, which is the biggest social media platform with millions of users, takes first place on this list.After creating a blog, the better is you create the facebook page for that.Go instructions step by step, and setup an id as same as the blogs name.So that, if anyone searched the blogs name on google or any other search engine, can get your social page first then he can go to your blog in case your new blog hasn't come in the SEO rankings.For example, if you search for css-magz on google, you'll find that its Facebook page is coming at the top.

Along with this, you can invite your friends to like the page and they'll get the links to the new articles you're posting on the page.If you want to make this more effective and want to draw more people's attention, you can promote a specific post on the Facebook page which will act as an advertisement.But for this, you have to pay minimum $1 to Facebook.The more you'll pay, the more audience you'll get.


There are certain groups on facebook which are purposely created for sharing and promoting your blog, blog articles and other social media such as youtube channel or Facebook page.You can join the groups and after, you can share your articles over there but mind that there may be certain rules for each and every group that you must follow.

Other people are also doing the same you can go and visit their blogs and like and comment their post.There is strictly no comment on/for comment or like on/for like.If you really liked something you can like or comment it.No matter what others is doing.I've given some names here of such groups, to reduce your work of finding them.If you know more such groups, comment it below.

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Quora is a question answering site used by thousands of people, who ask questions and also give answers.What you have to do is here, to make a Quora account and select you favorite subjects or topics on which you can answer the questions.If you know the answer, you can write it and in the credential, drop a link to your blog such as-'Blogger at'.Or can include links at end of an article. Quora answer.


This can be a great thing of increasing backlinks.Here, the rate of getting views is less, side-by-side it increases SEO rankings.
      First, go on a famous blog.Choose any Post.Fill details and post the comment.
Posting a comment on the blog.
Then it will look something like this.
Commenting on blog.

You can see the link in red color.If anyone clicks on that, it will reach to your blog.

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