Thursday, 25 January 2018

5 Golden Tips to Grow your Blog Like a charm

Here I'm going to share a direct 5 great tips to grow your blogs like a charm, both for WordPress or blogger, but the main focus is on blogger.If you follow these steps, your blog will turn out into a great success!

Grow your blog fast like charm.

  • Basic Things
After starting a blog, the most basic thing you should follow that will help you to make great impressions in SEO.First, you should set up an SSL certificate, or in other words, change your blogs URL from http:// to https: //. A good name also plays a role in SEO.A good rememberable name will remind people of your blog when they need any help.

Search engine optimization - SEO.
Another important thing is applying SEO friendly and mobile friendly theme, as 51% of Google traffic comes from mobile devices.So the Google ranks the websites higher which are mobile suitable while searched on mobile devices.In case of Blogger, you don't have to worry about the page speed as they are running on Google servers which are very fast.If you are blogging on WordPress with any third party hosting, try to maintain your speed high.

To increase your page loading speed, compress the images.Many images compressing sites are available online like compress jpeg.You can also use WordPress plugins like Smush Image or Lazy Load.

In case of WordPress, you can disable unwanted plugins or can use a better plugin that will do the work of two or three plugins together.I'll write a separate post on how to increase blog load speed.

  • Set up a good Niche
Sometimes, the major mistake that most of the bloggers make is they choose a niche that is unsuitable for them because they don't have that much knowledge about that topic.That doesn't make a perfect money blogging.If you are a money blogger you need to find your niche about which you are passionate about, you have more knowledge about and which is profitable.

Here, the profitable means you have to check some factors such as-

    ✔ Whether there is enough reader base for that topic.
    ✔ How many resources you have and will they increase in feature?
    ✔ How you can attract advertisers.
    ✔ Are there any affiliate marketing programs available?
    ✔ Are other making money?
    ✔ How will be the competition between you and other blogs?
  • Avoid Plagiarism
This is really matters and I think most of the bloggers follow this.You should not copy anyone's content, even images, and other media.You can of course images etc. by their permission giving them a proper credit.Or else use free stock image sites like Pixabay to get images.You can download free images from there.

If you want to copy the little piece of text from Wikipedia etc. , cover them with quotes.
But it will not completely save you from the stamp of plagiarism.
  • Let people know about your Blog
You started a blog and wrote many of your original articles, but how people can know about your blog and niche and how would you catch your right visitors?

The answer absolutely is advertising, but there are many ways to do this free also.You can do this with social media sites and use them as your advertising or marketing platform.I had written a post on this here.

If you are thinking of making a paid promotion, Facebook may be the right option for you as it provides a cheap advertising starting from $1.
  • Create an Ecosystem
An ecosystem is yet another great marketing strategy.The healthy ecosystem between you and your visitors generates an ecosystem.
Social media is a great way to connect your visitors.Try to make the official accounts of your blog or websites on social media.For example, you can make a page of your blog on facebook with the same id.So if anyone searched about your blog in starting days, the user will get the link to your facebook page and from there he will redirect to your page.There are many more changes that people came to know about your blog because of social media.Lots of traffic can be gained through social media.
social media

You can add the widget or provide the links to different social media accounts on your blog.It will keep the readers and your blog connected.
  • Bonus Point+
Here I'm going to share a bonus tip that most of the bloggers lack.It is of Google Search Console.After writing few articles on your blog, how you will know the statistics of traffic through Google?You can track it by using Google Search Console - a tool which tells you about the number of impressions and clicks your blog or website gained.
Google search console.

It also shows you the queries on which the impressions occur or clicks gained.To start, all the heck you have to do is sign up.It is, even more, easier for the bloggers with Google Blogger.I just amaze how people leave this important thing!

Finally, Now you about the 5 (6 actually :p) Golden Tips to grow and get better impressions in SEO point of view.Thanks for reading by now and do Like our Facebook Page.