Thursday, 8 November 2018

New Blogger Templates You Should Try Out!

Howdy! In this post, I'll be highlighting 5 best Blogger themes that you should try out. By knowing their pros-cons, design you're free to apply them on your blog.

1.Ideas MAG

Ideas MAG is a very god template in-terms of Advertising and content managing.It is from Sora templates and has a good colour combination.Colour combinations can be change as always in Blogger Theme editor.
Margin is left a little longer on both the sides and the theme is super mobile friendly.
This theme costs nearly $10 but you can also download it free.
Live demo

2.Recipee Blogger Template

Recipee Blogger template is excellent if you write about recipes and shares different types of dishes with your visitors.It is not only for dishes , you can use it for your own niche blog also as it is well optimised with different devices and screen sizes.
Recipee blogger theme

Live demo


Folio is a fully responsive Blogger theme very useful if you wan to make a business related or company website or wan o use your name as a brand.If you are a freelancer, then this can be a perfect choice.
Folio theme for blogger

It has a nice animations, loading screen, nice scrolling and many other things.It has a lot sections to display your product or your own details in brief. This theme is loaded with many useful widgets to showcase information about you, skills, services, testimonials, contact details and many more.

Get this theme here


If you are selling e-books or you write books online, then this theme may be for you.This beautifully designed theme lets you to market your books better.

This will even work if you have movie related blog that posts movie review or such things.One thing you need to note while using this theme is the thumbnail size should be in 1:2 ratio  or in vertical rectangular shape.
This is is very simple and elegant, highly SEO optimised and works with almost all types of screen and device types.

Get the theme

If you write lot of content on different topics, have a wide niche then this template may suite you.
This is SEO optimised and have 5 footer columns.This theme has Home, Privacy buttons at the top and at extreme down 5 columns for all you rest of article widgets.
blacklight theme
Get this theme here


So this was all the 5 themes for different purposes.Now if're using WordPress then will make a post for free themes on WordPress from you can get some help:)

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